We believe the REPORTS that Douglas being INTERVIEWED re violent criminal CASES is likely his own INVENTION to instill even more FEAR INTO WITNESSES in this case!! 


                Brian Douglas                                      Freddy sitting pretty                              Freddy plays- his human brother near                  BRIAN C DOUGLAS ARRESTED, BEING QUESTIONED FURTHER 


UPDATE 6/8/2018: After following up reports of Douglas potentially being interviewed by authorities in cases of other violent crimes we have determined the information was likely sent to witnesses in the case by Douglas himself. This leads us to believe that the "news report" was created by this defendant, who faces many years upon conviction, to instill fear into those set to testify against him in the current criminal case for Freddy's murder. This is simply further evidence of the psychopathy of the accused and shows the kind of danger he presents to those who anger him. 

ORIGINAL REPORT: On 5/10/2018 a young woman received a message from her ex-husband. They weren't "legally divorced" yet but had been apart for months. She left a volatile relationship with her young child to escape this man who had exhibited violent tendencies not only in their relationship but in the past. Per court records, Brian C. Douglas was on parole for aggravated armed robbery. This young woman thought he had changed and he seemed to have done so for "a few months". The only thing Douglas did was change coats for a while. On 5/10/2018 when Brian C. Douglas came to realize he had "lost the girl" he reacted. He reacted the way he had in the past. On 5/10/2018 this young woman received not a normal "message" though. She received a video recording of Freddy, the dog she loved, fatally injured and bleeding out on what appeared to be a concrete floor. 

When the young woman escaped the home where she had lived with Douglas she was unable to take her dog, Freddy, with her. Due to the circumstances she was forced to stay with others until she could find her own place to live with her young son. During the relationship Douglas had never abused Freddy. In the months prior to 5/10/2018 no harm had come to Freddy in his care. However, it seems that since he needed to lash out and Freddy was the only one around, that became his victim. We wondered at the time about this man's potential to harm other. Indeed, the person filming was very methodical. It appears this crime was planned with aforethought in a way to have maximum impact on the person who it was created for. The offender was careful to not be visible anywhere on the video- not even a reflection nor a tiny bit of flesh. The video in question was analyzed closely by NARWAI (National Animal Relief and Welfare Association, Inc) team members and has been even more closely and professionally analyzed, we're sure, by detectives. The Havana IL PD worked diligently to gather evidence to arrest Douglas and file felony animal cruelty charges.

As much as it was not our desire, we came to find (from facts revealed in preliminary hearing) that NARWAI's theory of the crime seems to be exactly what occurred in this case. Brian C. Douglas, it appears, was methodical in his actions on this day. Freddy's killer inflicted an injury that was sure to be fatal but not to cause a quick death. He wanted, he needed, Freddy to suffer and that's what happened in this case. NARWAI has always felt and has privately and publicly stated that if Douglas's ex-wife had been with his reach it more than likely it would have been her who was the victim. It was HER that was the object of this anger. If the killer had the chance, we believe he would have acted out just as violently against her on that day and the story may have been reported differently.

Brian C. Douglas currently sits in jail on a $300,000.00 bond. It is believed that he will not be able to facilitate his release at the set amount. Charges include  felony animal cruelty of companion animal and animal cruelty with torture/killing. These charges alone could result in decades of jail time. It is verified that there is an active parole status on this defendant. It has been reported that Brian C. Douglas has been sought for questioning regarding other violent crimes in multiple counties- not just this case of animal cruelty, torture and killing. We are working to confirm the reports that indicate Douglas is or was being questioned in multiple cases of violent criminal acts. NARWAI stated to detectives early in this case that we felt this man could potentially be dangerous to Freddy's human mom and/or escalate to harm humans if he hadn't already. Case studies show this can often be the escalation of this level of violent animal cruelty. Now, it appears from current developments that it is a possibility in this case. If it is found that this man has been involved in violent crimes against others, particularly humans, as sad as Freddy's death is it may have saved others from the same fate. This is an individual that must be put in prison to protect the general public. We believe this to be true regardless of the results of any further questioning that has been or will be done. There is clear and present danger if such violent person is walking the streets freely. 

Several facts became known in the setting of a public hearing which allows us to provide you some detail regarding this horrific killing.

1. Evidence clearly indicates the video did, in fact, originate from the defendant's phone. Animal advocates who thought or stated publicly based on their "feeling" that this was a set-up by this young woman or her family members to get Douglas in trouble, it appears that was incorrect. 

2. Blood evidence obtained by Forensic CSU confirmed NARWAI's theory of the crime. We performed a thorough evaluation of this case. Our initial opinion was based on a review of publicly available history and a slow motion, frame by frame and, honestly, heartbreaking, review of the video with multiple team members working together. The location of the crime, the method and even the weapon used by Freddy's murderer was theorized and that has since been confirmed by evidence. To be clear, our theory of this case was NOT shared with detectives or anyone else until AFTER they the results of items sent for forensic study were returned to law enforcement and the Havana, IL, PD/detectives had performed their own independent analysis.

3. The injury inflicted to Freddy was intended to cause a slow and torturous death, which it did. If the human victim in this case had been present at the time that this act occurred we firmly believe this would have been her, not the dog. So those who may be or were critical of her choice to escape this relationship with her human son requiring she leave her furbaby behind- "until you've walked a day...". Keep this in mind: Freddy had been in this man's custody for months without harm and he was never harmed during the time the human victim was in the home.

NARWAI will continue to be closely involved in this case and will work in any way needed with Havana, IL PD and the young woman involved. She has suffered not only at this man's hands but also as a result of the general public (and animal advocates) spreading misinformation and misinterpreting statements. When the video of Freddy's killing was posted publicly to gain awareness the victimized family was immediately overwhelmed with personal messages from strangers some of whom questioned, interrogated and/or were accusatory or judgmental. Not only was the family experiencing the horror of what they had seen, they had to get through what they describe as an "attack". Evidence shows that the confusion regarding this case being circulated is now crystal clear. We firmly believe the correct person is behind bars. We know Freddy's murder will result in a long sentence upon conviction. Maybe further questioning of this man has the potential for resolution of other crimes as the investigation continues. Jury trial is anticipated to begin September 2018 on the current charges of felony animal cruelty with preliminary hearing scheduled for 8/31/2018.

KUDOS to Havana IL POLICE DEPARTMENT, the detectives involved in this case, the forensics unit and ALL those who did their job. Authorities never took this case lightly and were careful in following procedures necessary to obtain the evidence to make this arrest. As a result a killer is off the street, we believe. The question many victims are there?

By: Debbie Goodwin Bailey

 National Animal Relief and Welfare Association, Inc 


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