Eight Pit Bulls becomes TEN....MINUS ONE in Hamilton County Ohio Officials are neglect to enforce laws against rampant cruelty.

Hamilton County may have forgotten about 8 (later found to be 10) Pit Bulls routinely and cruelly neglected in Mt. Healthy. But NARWAI hasn't! Advocates know by now....we don't forget and we never give up. Often, our communication and our investigations are kept quiet, understandably, until our work is done. However, we received a copy of video forwarded by a member and this one has been public from the first day. We have evidence, clear documentation that these dogs do not ever have water/food. They are left out in subfreezing temperatures that have literally killed other dogs in this state. Authorities have allowed this to continue despite much effort by local advocate to gather information and many calls and emails demanding that someone save these dogs. 

Eventually one of the Pit Bulls died. The dog ate a t-shirt that was hastily placed on them when complaints were coming in and the "owner" knew people were watching. NARWAI advised authorities that this would not be normal behavior but would usually be due to either anxiety causing the behavior or possibly the dog being starved and/or being extremely thirsty (if shirt is wet from snow or rain). In the rare case where this may occur a person would notice their dog is ill, not passing waste and/or in pain and the dog would be seen by a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. These dogs, are considered "livestock", the "owner" has publicly stated. Since the dogs are left outside to languish alone all day and every day he did not notice there was a problem and as a result of this neglect the dog died from an obstruction (per necropsy). Hamilton county officials, including the SPCA Dog Warden who is responsible for investigating cruelty were made aware of these conditions prior to the death of one dog and we feel they are just as responsible as the other humans for that death. Under state statute dogs are defined as "companion animals" and, as such, they are afforded certain protections. No one can redefine them as livestock and treat them accordingly!. 
We made every attempt to work WITH authorities to resolve the issues there. We offered our assistance rather than attacking. We attempted to understand the "politics" of the local area and work within their norm. We found more than a failure to address this one case. There seems to be a reluctance (in general) to take action in cases where the victim is an animal. We'll continue to gather information to identify what those issues may be. 
In the meantime we are sharing statements submitted directly to County Commissioners from NARWAI (see below). Included is a copy of email sent to County Commissioners on 1/18/2018 including statements NARWAI submitted to incite action in this case. Also included is an email sent to Commissioners on 1/29/2018, the day after a dog died due their failure to act. We asked advocates to "back off" for a time to afford county officials the opportunity to do their job. We knew that ultimately we could end up where we are now- in another battle to show authorities that law must be applied equally. All crimes are to be charged by "officers of the law". No elected official nor those they hire to do this job can bring prejudice to the job. They cannot (based on personal bias) enforce law in some cases and simply ignore others. If they fail to fulfill their responsibilities to the citizens, who pay their salary with taxes, there are higher authorities who can hold them accountable for fulfilling their contract, their oath or any binding agreement they enter into as employees of the citizens.
Lisa has spent a long time trying to get help for the animals in Hamilton County. She, particularly, had very valid concerns about the many dogs one property. This particular case was brought to light. What we found as we began to "dig" was that the problem in Hamilton county affects ALL of the county's animals.
Despite ample documentation, many calls/emails and submission of information to show both city and county officials the cruel condition dogs on this property were kept in no one would take action. We found an obvious reluctance by authorities to seek accountability or to ensure the well-being of the dogs even after they went to property. In fact, when they went on an announced "visit" to check, they did not even find two other dogs that were there. This fact obviously makes us question how thorough the inspection could have been. We found during review that the problem is not limited to one property but instead, appears to be either a lack of will or a lack of training by those entrusted with their care to use laws available to them to do their job and prevent cruelty to animals.

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