Brendan Evans was arrested today, 11/27/17, in Hollywood, FL and charged with aggravated animal cruelty for the murder of Ollie. Disturbing images of Ollie's injuries are indicative of a slow, painful and torturous death. The police reports made public in this case include several prior acts of animals' deaths at the hand of Evans as well as a complaint for domestic violence. That is not surprising, considering data that documents the correlation between violence to animals and violence to humans. There are indications within the reports that Evans had obtained kittens from Craigslist in the past and apparently he killed them since evidence of such was found in his home. This suspicious activity was reported to Delray Beach police in June, 2017 and a report was generated at that time. We see no indication that there was any investigation launched nor any contact made with Evans in regards to those allegations. However, we have not seen any reports that may be on file pertaining to the referenced case number so we cannot definitively say what, if any, action may have been taken by Delray PD. In February 2017 a report was generated by Fort Lauderale PD by an officer who noticed Evans' chasing a duck with ducklings because the officer noted that Evans' was chasing them so he activated the lights on his marked vehicle as a warning in case the man intended to harm them. Evans continued to pursue the ducks despite the warning and appeared  to be trying to "kick" the ducklings. The officer made contact, identified Evans by a state issued ID card and filed a report on the incident. These behaviors outline a pattern of disturbing behavior with glaring red flags when viewed in a combined report. We can only surmise that the warning signs were not heeded because the previous cases were reported by three different jurisdictions at different times. How was this not recognized and prevented? This is a question that must be asked and answered. Hopefully this horrific case can be used by law enforcement as a "learning experience". There should be policies in place to identify such offenders as the danger to society that they are. Authorities need both the training and the tools needed to identify these individuals and intervene in some way. Should a similar circumstance present itself in the future law enforcement can potentially save lives, possibly even human life, by taking preventattive measures.

Evans stated on the record that he believes he has a "right" to kill animals because he is a "voodoo priest". Usually it is fowl that are sacrificed/killed in such rituals. There were various items found that indicate Evans did subscribe to the practice of voodoo. We do not, however, believe that is the true motivation for deaths of animals at his hand.  Specifically, the manner in which Ollie's murder was carried out further belies the practice of voodoo as the reason for his actions. Evidently this man enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on innocents and has no remorse for doing so. He couldn't even "fake it" when confronted. Officers note that he held a "cold stare" while responding to questions and when he was shown the photos of the suitcase in which Ollie's body was found. He denied knowledge of the case but the officers noted that his reaction was abnormal to say the least. It seems, based on the verbiage of these reports, that the officer was disturbed by Evans' demeanor.  
These reports are descriptive and disturbing. They provide a lot of insight into the mind of a murderer. It's important that advocates recognize that the interviewing officer describes Evans as a "murderer". Not an abuser...not a killer- a murderer. That would be our preferred verbiage and we often use this terminology in such cases. However, this is the first time we have seen this terminology in a report from law enforcement used to describe one who's killed an animal. It appears Evan's actions were very disturbing to officers and that seems to be reinforced with their description of a "cold stare" held by Evans as observed during an interview.
The evidence against Evans includes DNA as well as blood and/or fur from animals found in multiple places inside his home. It is confirmed that the defendant is the only inhabitant of this residence. Evidence found indicates he had been committing such acts for some time and felt no shame nor guilt for the suffering and pain he inflicted. We do not believe the court will entertain the defense of his actions as a "religious freedom" and are confident that Florida authorities will aggressively prosecute this case. We will, of course, provide a template letter in NARWAI's member website. Advocates can use this to make contact and encourage the prosecutor to stand firm,. We will ask that no consideration be given to a plea deal and that maximum sentencing be argued for in this case. Based on the act the defendant is charged with committing against Ollie is sufficient to show this nothing less than the maximum sentence is appropriate. Evans' history of violence in general further validates the argument. We maintain that this person is dangerous to the public at large and should be removed from society to protect humans as well as animals




 Every animal advocate in the country and the citizens of Florida had been on alert since October 10, 2017 watching for an arrest in the case of the death of Ollie, a pit bull, in Hollywood FL. We all sought justice for Ollie and wanted whomever had so savagely and brutally killed him held accountable. Ollie's paw was seen sticking out of a suitcase on that day in October and he died days later. Ultimately the reward for his killer exceeded $30,000. It is estimated that this innocent victim suffered over 50 stab wounds. In fact, we were searching when Hollywood police had already locked this man away on another charge. It seems they wanted to be sure to get him off the streets and protect the public while they investigated Ollie's case and processed evidence obtained during a search warrant of Evans' home. Charges for Ollie's death were later filed on 11/22/2017. Based on his history and current charges filed it appears that Evans is NOT getting out of jail which is a good thing, we believe.

Brendan Evans has been described as one might imagine the person who tortured and killed Ollie would be. Detectives describe a man with a "cold stare" who did not seem to be affected whatsoever by their questions. Others interviewed by detectives had some emotional reaction when discussing this case and officers noticed that it was not so when they interviewed Evans. We must give credit to the Hollywood Police Department for the way this case was handled. They paid attention to his demeanor and knowing his history, they had him identified as a suspect. They then took the necessary steps to obtain evidence that would result in a conviction, leaving no doubt. They properly handled the execution of warrants and were careful with the evidence that was gained from warrants. Sometimes advocates become frustrated with law enforcement and feel that they aren't acting quickly enough. In Ollie's case they had, in fact, already acted. Not only that, they worked diligently to be sure they obtained evidence necessary to prove this case in a court of law. 

There is much disturbing information that has been published about Brendan Evans' history of animal killings. He claims these animals were sacrifices that are part of practicing his "religion" of voodoo.  However, the evidence recovered by police belies that assertion. Voodoo "sacrifices" generally involve fowl, not animals like cats and dogs. Further, the way in which he murdered Ollie and appears to have killed animals in the past are more indicative of a methodical, tortuous process that (in our experience) is more typical of a person who enjoys inflicting pain and gets a thrill from doing so. Evidence recovered at his home included bodies of rats who had parts of their scalp removed. Cats' bodies were found with feet removed, their bodies in the freezer. Ollie's teeth were found in his wallet as if they were "trophies". All of this is completely contradictory to his claim of "religious" motivation. It is more indicative of a "thrill kill". Evans was arrested on a warrant for breaking and entering charges from a crime that occurred in August, 2017. Since he was also on probation for domestic battery and had a prior arrest they were able to put HIM on ice while they built their case. 

It's important to note that law enforcement has taken steps in this case to be sure that the evidence cannot be challenged. DNA collected on the suitcase in which Ollie's body was found was important evidence in this case so it was examined by the State Medical Examiner. This ensures not only the accuracy of DNA and other evidence but also the integrity of the "chain of command". It leaves no doubt that could be raised had it been sent outside of law enforcement agencies custody (i.e. to a veterinarian for review). Police reports which we have reviewed and shared show a carefully executed search and an investigation that should achieve the desired result- an easy finding of guilty in a court of law and appropriate penalties applied under state guidelines for felony aggravated cruelty. Florida statutes provide minimum mandatory sentencing in such cases. Not only this, Evans criminal history will also work against him. In addition to the felony charges for Ollie's death, he's also in violation of probation on a bank robbery charge. Evans has a prior conviction on a violent offense (domestic battery) as well as charges for breaking and entering in August, for which he was originally arrested. 

Brendan Evans is charged with a second degree felony for the charge of burglary. Per sentencing guidelines a guilty finding on this charge would carry a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison. The charge of aggravated animal cruelty, a second degree felony, carries with it a sentence of up to five years in prison but FL allows for multiple counts to be charged under some circumstances. If the "finder of fact" (judge or jury) determines that the "knowing and intentional torture or torment of an animal kills the animal" Evans can be ordered to pay an additional minimum mandatory fine of $2,500 and be mandated to undergo psychological counseling or complete an anger management treatment program. If he is found to have committed another aggravated cruelty offense in the deaths of animals he faces additional mandatory minimum fine of $5000 and another six months incarceration. If that is the finding, there is NO form of early release. When found to commit multiple offenses, the offender must serve 100% of their sentence. A defendant can be charged with separate and multiple counts of aggravated felony for offenses against one animal. A person who commits cruelty or aggravated cruelty against more than one animal may be charged with a separate offense for each victim. With the evidence in this case it's possible charges could be increased. Regardless, a guilty finding on aggravated cruelty charge against a person with history, a probation violation and the charge for a burglary leads us to believe that Evans should be looking at a much deserved prison sentence at the end of this road. With all of the possibilities in the law and other factors that work against him we believe the Florida state penitentiary could be his "home" for a while. We highly doubt that he will ever get out on bond or be released prior to trial. The judge in this case "doubled" the bond amount requested by the prosecutor and ordered $100,000 bond. If Evans could manage to get past that obstacle he still has the probation violation on which he can be held and the August burglary which carries a sentence of up to fifteen years imprisonment. Evans' fingerprints linked him to this crime. In this case, we think the killer will stay in jail where he belongs. 

There are several things advocates and the general public should learn from this case. It is well known that Craigslist and social media are a "mine field" for animals and can often get them killed. We must be very careful in vetting those who want animals and protect them from those who may do harm or worse. It is very important to note that we have, yet again, a case of a person who has committed an atrocious act of violence against an animal and find that he has a history of violence against humans as well. In this case, domestic battery. Data has shown those who abuse/kill animals (especially in such an egregious way) are also likely to be a danger to humans and therefore, society in general. Another "take away" from this one is that we may not always know exactly what is being done by authorities in any case. We should never stop fighting for accountability but we sometimes have to back off and let the detectives do their job. As advocates we want to take action. We want people pay for what they've done because it's horrific. But we accomplish nothing by flooding the offenders with comments on social media, contacting the suspect, etc. They can simply ignore us or close their accounts. We only make ourselves feel better by venting and could potentially get in the way of law enforcement and/or entirely ruin a case if we act impulsively and without thought or strategy. If a person commits a crime against animals it's better to review the applicable laws and then work with authorities to get that law enforced. When that is being done routinely we can move on to make the laws stronger. Florida law is tougher on animal cruelty (especially aggravated cruelty) than some states. There are mandatory minimums we well as a mandated psychological review of those who commit crimes like this one. In this case we can hope justice truly is served and Evans goes away for a long time. We are quite sure he's not going anywhere but jail before his trial.

Brendan Evans had committed crimes against animals in the past. A warning was posted in Lake Worth FL area that he frequented Craigslist to obtain cats/kittens to kill.

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